Jodie Explores Diabetes for the BBC

Last year, Jodie Prenger took part in BBC One programme Long Live Britain! Alongside TV presenter Julia Bradbury, ex-cricketer Phil Tufnell, and Dr Phil Hammond.

Jodie’s aim on the show was to explore the effects Type 2 diabetes can have, as it is one of the major causes of premature death in the UK. She met with an advanced sufferer of the disease, who detailed how it had restricted their way of life and explained how those at risk should take steps to prevent it as early as possible.

Type 2 diabetes makes your body’s calls unable to take up glucose from the bloodstream, causing your blood sugar to be too high. Those who are overweight are more likely you are to contract the condition; as a general rule of thumb, your weight size at your belly button should be half your height or less.

Eating less, getting more exercise and drinking in moderation can all help prevent or reduce the effects of diabetes in the long run.

Jodie is a continuing supporter of Diabetes UK, a charity that cares for and campaigns on behalf of people affected by or at risk of diabetes. Please visit the Diabetes UK website for more information.