28.11.13  Photo credit : Phil Tragen

Dick Whittington

Manchester panto lovers were in for a treat over the 2013 festive season, as Jodie appeared in the Opera House’s hilarious version of Dick Whittington. Kids and adults alike flocked to see the show, not least of all due to Jodie’s brilliant turn as Fairy Bowbells.

Both Jodie and the show as a whole received five star reviews, critics particularly commending the great mix of pop songs and classical ballads, as well as a plethora of top notch gags. But did Jodie steal the show and leave everyone wanting more? Oh yes, she did!

Prenger is a great storyteller and has a ball as Fairy Bowbells. She belts out the likes of That’s Life and Moment in Time with ease and shows off her comedic side. The only downside is that you long for her to have more stage time.”What’s On Stage